Sunday, October 17, 2010

Denise Milani Nipplie Slip

... ? Lesson 3: Go Out And Explore Your Surroundings!

After we have one of the leading anthropologists of the ICU has called: "Get Lost!" - May also have been ne personal request to be - we have actually even been targeted. Tokyo is also suitable for super, you can go so very lost everywhere and feels while still incredibly safe.
This time we were just looking for some Japanese food. Since the main street grazing absolutely anyone can do it went from a side road to the other. Most streets are not designed to auto + X. In the way here go some of the rice cooks bike the roads are designed to be honest, even on bicycle + X. Eye-catching stand here almost always above ground power lines. We found after about 30 minutes, even a small shop. Indian. Geographical proximity makes itself quite apparent. 5 different Severity levels there were. I have tried in 3. But the steam of the food has almost passed for me to drive out of the house. Ultimately, it was delicious damned.

eat the topic has already revealed some new here. My influence on the country seems to rise.ドイツ コンボ (Doitsu combo - German menu) was on the menu. Nuremberg, sauerkraut and fried potatoes were served. In fact, I can proudly announce that even McDonald's has responded to the increasing influence and has taken the "German-Sausage" Burger in the program. Not quite so proud I am that I missed the offer. Furthermore, the Oktoberfest ends today in Yokohama. But I can see working here with the carrot and the stick. The good food makes for positive associations with good, old Germany.

The last weeks I also got around quite well. The first photos with my camera, I got shot in the dorm. On 01.10.2010 Here was the founding of the People's Republic of China (中国 Japanese land the center, it can not accept ち ゅうごく (Chugoku)) thought. I have this day been able to drink three Chinese under the table - for your defense, it said that you have not been able to drink after a few baths. Amateurish behavior, but so are 5 rice schnapps already sufficient. For the Chinese defense, it has also shown that there was actually only 2 Chinese and 1 Japanese - but who does this for so carefully?

on (we just say in Germany, it was still early, it must here) M (have been) Orgen, it was 02.10. It was then to Tokyo. First stop: Kichijōji (吉祥寺) Shrine - Inokashira Park (井の頭公園). The shrine was renovated in recent years and with the adjacent zoo, the park is a popular recreational area. It was definitely worth a visit. 20 years ago allegedly also been koi fish ( 鲤) suspended - which seems to be well liked. Really a beautiful park the zoo but we have given.

Incidentally, I have started a web album to maintain. If you click on the slideshow (if it has not been found - it is located right in the blog) clicks you come to my web albums. So far there are 6 albums, each with a few photos that I've done here.

is for me tomorrow, the next Japanese test. So I finish the whole thing even now. Who wants to see photos mer may call you, then I give the link to the repository or otherwise of the swap. On the day we moved from the park the way to Kichijoji, Tokyo Tower, Akihabara, Kichijoji and ICU. The next day, then photos are already online.

nice weekend. Best regards


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